Zip Lining Through the Trees

It’s been a year since I’ve gone zip lining and  though my adrenaline rush has always been up, I’ve been wanting to reconnect with my long lost love of flying through the air (in a fun safe harnessed way). One day at work I was leaving the office when  my manager offered me a VIP experience to try out the new zip lining course here in Kissimmee called Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park. It was a huge blessing, and so I was given the opportunity to bring along some friends. I decided to go with one of my close friends that has been a help with me and letting his family embrace me up in Orlando. Dan was really excited to go zipping and so we decided to get some more people. My best friend Trey had already gone with his bae, and then I thought about getting my home girl Shelbs to come with but she had class. So I asked another adrenaline junky Esther and Sam to come with, Esther was working and Sam was down to go. Lastly I asked my roommate Steven who hadn’t gone before to tag along with us. We woke up at 7am to drive over to Kissimmee.


The drive over was awesome! We all a chance to jam out to a song request in the car while listening to Spotify and the radio, MIX 105.1. We jammed the whole way down. Once we got off I-4 we noticed that this place was very secluded and away from any towns or cities, which made the experience all that exclusive. Upon arrival we got out, put on jackets, turned on the GoPro and went into the entrance. We were greeted by an eager and adventurous staff that was ready to get us going on the course. We made reservations and they had everything ready for us.


Safety is the number one priority, so we had a really advanced belay system that allowed us to safely travel through the tops of trees and go through obstacles and fly through the zip line course. It was a tremendous experience. We almost lost balance on the beams, we swung with a rope to a safety net, then we zipped in between trees to the end of the first sets of adventures. There were four different courses and we got to do all of them! It was a blast and I had so much fun with the people that came. Steven led the pack, Daniel was behind him making it difficult for Sam and I to finish by shaking the course, Sam followed like a champ, and I was the anchor of the team that finished us up. I brought my phone with me and played Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root, along with the Lion King soundtrack. We enjoyed our whole trip and found this place to be a really sweet place to go on an adventure!


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