Bucket List

There’s no doubt that most people, especially Millennials, create a bucket list of adventures and journies that they’d like to go on before they kick the bucket. Of course, when I was creating mine I had to be as extra as possible, and I created my international bucket list (which my brother jokingly said that it seems more like an “Eat, Pray, Love” storyline). This list is not in its final stage – its ever-expanding and this is just a baseline of some things that I wanted to do from either hearing about it from friends, learning about it in history, or just talking to strangers about their favorite trips (good content and conversation when I was a Lyft driver).


There is so much beauty out there in the world, and I would love to partake in it anyway I can. I’ve divided my list into SIX geographic regions:


If you have anything you’d like to add or take away from this please leave me a comment! My goal is to inspire you to dream a little bigger and journey off into this large world that is filled with amazing moments, sites, and celebrations.