How Darce Bucket Lists: Africa

This time for Africa! Africa, I believe, is the birthplace of all civilization and there is so much history, natural wonders, and beauty that fill every inch of Africa (even the large and expansive Sahara Desert is filled with mystery and wonder). Africa is one of the continents that helps me envision Mother Earth at her most primal and there is a sense of magic to when someone returns to their roots. The magic can be anything from sticking your toes in the African soil or gawking at the sculptures/ structures in Northern Africa. Unfortunately, Wakanda is not real, or else I’d add to the list visiting Shuri’s lab and seeing Vibranium (my inner nerd was exposed, back to the Bucket List).

Here are my top things to do in Africa when I visit.

  1. Go on a Safari Exploration tour, Serengeti/Kenya
  2. Visit the Egyptian Wonders, Egypt
  3. Dip my feet in the Nile River, Egypt
  4. Visit Capetown, South Africa
  5. Attend the Gnaoua Music Fest, Morocco
  6. Relax in Paradise, Seychelles
  7. Climb a tiny bit of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzenia
  8. Stay in a Treehouse Resort in Kruger National Park, Mozambique/South Africa
  9. Walk amongst the Valley of the Kings (or Hot Air Baloon), Egypt/Jordan
  10. Spend a night in the Saharan Desert
  11. Buy Spices and Textiles in the Streets of Morocco
  12. Fly over Victoria Falls, Zambia