How Darce Does: Black Mask Party

Alright, so I don’t know if you’re like me (or any other teenager in the world) and care about your face and the Rocky Mountains that lie on top of it, but you take pride in the smoothness of your face. To be completely honest, I’ve been blessed with never receiving bad acne while in school. But the real world is stressful! So, I break out every once in a while and get a lot of gunk in my pores.

Darce Black Mask

With all this being said (and I hope it grossed you out as much as it did for me to write that), here is a video of me using a black mask from Elegance Studio, the Elegance Studio Gel. I promised I wasn’t paid to write this or say anything that was in the video, but it really worked! It was way better than any other mask I’ve used (and I’ve used a bunch because it was trending) and it was a lot of fun doing it with other people. So, I highly recommend that you throw a black mask party, make it unique make it fun and tag me in it so that I can post about them!


If you loved the video and want to throw your own black mask party, you can subscribe here to How Darce Does It, and click here for the Elegance Studio shopping cart. Remember to tag me, @Darce711 and @EleganceGel and who knows, maybe we will be featured on their social media! Also click here for @NinasMakeup.

That awesome bathroom that we were in was designed by the fabulous Nance Arce from Naturally Creative Inc. if you’re in the SoFlo area and are in need of a tune-up click the link!

Darce Black Mask

Leave a comment below so I can see How You Do It!


This video was also the last video that I took with my amazing Uncle, Eliezer Arce. He was basically the person I modeled my humor, my life and my faith after. He was definitely a role model for me and this video was made in memory of him.

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