About Me/ Blog

Hello! Welcome to my site. This is primarily used to showcase and update my career goals, my photography, and my adventures. This is an informal digital resume at times, a highlight reel for some amazing adventures, and a place where I can just be a dork. As we are evolving as a society, we understand that passions influence every aspect of our lives. The ideas of hobbies are fading because we choose to make our career something that we enjoy doing (that and aint nobody got time for that). As I invite you, the reader of my site, to enter into my perspective – I welcome you into the insight of how I see things, how I feel things, and how I do things. Welcome to How Darce Does It.

Now, here’s a little bit about me

Professionally, I am geared to an account manager mentalitly where I am relationship driven, organized, and very communicative. Astrologically, I am a water sign so that means I’m empathic and strive to comfort others (while also being the life of the party). As the workforce has changed from my parents generation where your life was your job, to my older sibling generation where there was a work persona and a home persona, I feel that the next generation is transitioning to a hybrid of work and life. So, part of my life is how I pride myself in my work, and how I have the ability to find a connection with anyone.

With the pandemic that hit the world, we are falling into that trend where work life and home life lines are blurred and remote life is the way of the future (I mean American housing is larger compared to most other countries – might as well utilize it). Now the question is how can my personal life and work life mesh together. An example, during the pandemic I was let go from my job at the time, so I thought to myself; “time to be productive and find new skills in my life.” I learned how to bartend (practicing on my mom), a new languge, played around with interior and exterior design, and cut my hands up working on outdoor projects. All of this from my home when the world decided not to sink or swim but to float –  and it made me think, time to try my hand at something new. After the last plague, beauty struck with the renaissance period – a rebirth (my word for 2020). This time around I thought I could hit up something completely different with roofing sales (if you are baffled, don’t worry so was literally every person that knew me).

Where is he now?

I quickly discovered – this is NOT FOR ME. But the fact is that I threw myself out there and I pushed myself to be out of my comfort zone (“comfort, the enemy of progress”). The owner of the small roofing company saw that I had something special inside (like Professor X to the mutants) and decided to upgrade me to a Marketing position (now I’m feeling at home). My adventure continues, and I learn something new every day – but who knows what the future has in store. Maybe I’ll discover the next greatest app, maybe I’ll finally apply to be on Survivor, or maybe I can make a big impact in my small community. Whatever the future may hold – bring it on!

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