How Darce Bucket Lists: South America

South America has always been a vision of the Hispanic and Latin Cultures that make up the world. We gain many beautiful resources from this continent like coffee, flowers, agricultural products, dances, entertainment, art, and sports. When people think of South America, one of the first things they think of is the vibrant cultures and the beautiful landscapes and scenery that encompass the land. After talking to some of my friends, coworkers, strangers, farmers, WHOEVER about my passion for traveling, they gave me some insight on places to go see in South America, and I couldn’t help but get enthralled by the stories and add some of these ventures to my Bucket List:

  1. Look Up Angel Falls, Venezuela
  2. Participate in the Coffee Festival (Yipao), Colombia
  3. Take in the beauty of Iguazu Falls, Argentina
  4. Wear Patagonia while in Patagonia, Chile
  5. Wear a costume in a Carnival, Trinidad
  6. High-5 the Hand in Mano Beach, Uruguay
  7. Tango with someone from Argentina
  8. Pray in front of the Christ the Redeemer statue, Brazil
  9. Visit the ancient Macchu Picchu Ruins, Peru
  10. Try Ayahuasca tea and go through a spiritual journey in Peru
  11. Stay in Punta Ballena, Uruguay
  12. Have a conversation with one of the Heads from Easter Island, Chile
  13. Watch a soccer game, Brazil
  14. Play in La Feria de Cali, Colombia
  15. Attend the Festival of Flowers, Colombia