King of the North Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party in the Keys:


My older brother Oscar is finally getting married (in 5 days)! He proposed to his awesome fiancé (whom I love) while they were on the stunning Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Sea. When he proposed he  “bent the knee” in reference to a spoiler on Game of Thrones thus the invisible underlying theme of their wedding preparations, including their engagement party, was born.

Royal Propose

So as the brother of the groom, I teamed up with the best man to help create an epic GoT Bachelor’s party. We decided to go camping in Key Largo for a night and then stay in a super fancy and boujee hotel, the Waldorf Astoria Key West Casa Marina, for a nice night out.

We gave him two GoT chalices, Johnnie (White) Walker Whiskey, Ice Dragon Floaty and customized shirts with the “Court of Oz” on the front and our titles on the back (Grand Maester, Hand of the King, Kingsguard, and of course King of the North [not present with us the Master of Coin]). He loved it!


I also created a Bachelor’s Bingo Card for all of us to play. I used some photos of him to create the squares and put different challenges (including seven kingdoms drink challenge) on there that we had to cross off (plot twist I ended up getting the most points for almost finishing the whole card).

Day 1: Kings (Kamp), MEAT and Mead

We started off our adventure by heading to our Kings Kamp Campsite (which I goofed up by picking an RV site, so we were the only tent amongst a sea of RVs but it still was ok since we were on the other side of the beach with a nice view). Pun in the name intended.


As we were driving down, we were all getting a little hungry so we stopped by M.E.A.T for some great burgers. MEAT was visited and favorited by Guy Fieri, and thank goodness we went there! We then stopped by the only mead distillery in the Key’s, Key’s Mead, and it was one of the highlights trying all the different alcoholic fermented honey. We highly recommend it!



Next, we settled in our campsite, set up our tent and jumped right in the water for some beach fun. We had a little photoshoot and laughed and drank and had a great first night. (Not to brag or anything, but I also picked out these awesome cheddar bacon burgers to cook on the grill, and they were delicious!)


In the morning, we were all woken up at 5:30am to a nice little rain shower that got those that slept outside to run into the car for the last bit of sleep they could get. The rain stopped so I went for a walk to get some sunrise photos, unfortunately as I was walking it started to rain again and decommissioned my camera for the rest of the weekend (she gave me a scare but placing her in rice for 3 days saved her beautiful photo capturing life).

Day 2: Jet Skis, Beer Tasting and Bar Hopping

We made some hot dogs for breakfast, packed up and went for a jet ski ride over at Sunshine Watersports where we each had our own jet ski and rode around in circles around each other, taking selfies on the jet skis and of course falling off from turning too quick…ok, I was the only one that fell off three times, whatever.

Jet Ski Key Largo

Then we voyaged down to Key West where we stopped by Isla Morada Beer Company for a quick beer tasting and food truck delicacies. We even got a tour of their brewery (which was the size of my bedroom but it was still cool to see their place) and tried some of their liquor (personally, I would drink rubbing alcohol before there’s but to each their own).


We checked into the beautiful Waldorf Astoria Hotel, put on our groomsmen shirts, went out to dinner and that’s where the fun night of bar hopping and bingo bashing began. We met another bachelorette party and jumped around from bar to bar with them, where they helped us get most of our bingo cards filled out. I got a Henna Tattoo, proposed to a stranger and got a kiss from the bartender – the others…watched.


King of the North Bachelor Party

Yes, that is a crown


We then went back to the hotel around 3 am and woke up to a beautiful view of the beach right from our hotel room. Oscar and I even went out and made a parody video of him waking up to the beach and Tim sleeping outside on a lawn chair.


Alex and I went to get breakfast at their super pricey breakfast bar (where I sneaked bacon, bagels, and sausages into my pocket several times to feed the others in the room [no shame]), then packed up, enjoyed the pool for a bit and started our departure voyage.

Day 3: Cigars, Conch Frites and Sloppy Joes

We went to Rodriguez Cigars, a definite go-to spot if you’re ever in the Keys, to enjoy crafting and smoking some excellent cigars. We rolled the cigars, learned about the history of the cigar industry in Florida and sipped on some rum from 1994. Our guide Danny was such a cool guy and we ended up turning a 1-hour tour to a 3-hour tour because of all the laughs and the way he made us feel at home. Can’t wait to go back there.

Rodriguez Cigars Key West

After that, we went to eat some conch frites, at the closest stand-in Mallory Square, but were informed by Danny, from the cigars, that the best place to get conch frites is actually at a Miami Subs! We still enjoyed the frites, and indulged in some Sloppy Joes at the famous, you guessed it, Sloppy Joes of Key West (live band, good food, great vibe – who wouldn’t want to make that their last stop).

We finished our voyage driving off to the sunset as we headed back home finishing off an awesome Bachelor Party in Key West.



Sunset in the Keys



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