Are Wedding Planners Needed?

I just had a great time enjoying my twin cousin’s wedding (Twin Cousin – born at the same time as me) in Ocala, Florida on Valentine’s Day. Her wedding was as if she copied and pasted everything she liked on Pinterest and put it straight to reality. It was a beautiful location and a fantastic wedding. The country theme was tied in with the mason jars, sunflowers, ropes, wooden candle holders, and lit up barn. During this wedding it got me thinking, is Wedding Planning a dying industry?


I noticed that our generation has had the luxury of having everything at their finger tips, especially drawing from creative ideas found online. Pinterest is a social media site that shares different DIY projects and other correlating material with others. Chatting with a few of my female friends I found out that a lot of them have Pinterest Boards just for their dream wedding, my sister even had a Pinterest-esque wedding with her books and bookends.  Pinterest has exploded in this industry, and I wonder how wedding planners are doing in this economy now, thanks to Pinterest. Well on contrary according to Rieva Lesonsky the wedding industry is supposed to boom. I am still a little skeptical, especially with the emerging generation that are more independent like their Baby Boomer parents, and the fact that most people in my generation don’t want to tie the knot at all. So tell me in the poll do you think the Wedding Planner industry is dying?

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