Social Media Evolving! Business Jump on Board!

Social Media is evolving at a rapid rate and we have a plethora of different apps to keep up with – FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN, etc… Businesses would be wise to join in on some form of social media in this ever expanding web world we live in. We are finding that more and more businesses are starting to use social media as a way to communicate with their consumers. According to the Harvard Business Review, 79% of businesses are using social media, or are planning to use social media in the future. Social Media can be used in a multitude of ways for businesses, they just need to find your niche site.

Most businesses use Facebook and Twitter, but have you ever stopped to think of what else is out there? Lowe’s uses Pinterest to show DIY projects, the new movie coming out for Halloween – Ouija, is now advertising on Snapchat (Not that I promote that movie, I personally choose to stay away from that), and Blendtec uses hilarious youtube videos. I recently discovered that Twitter is incredibly awesome! I tweeted at Jet Blue Airlines, and within a matter of minutes they responded back. Here are some snaps of the tweets. Businesses are now starting to use Social Media as a way to communicate to their customers, and bring customer support. Just tweeting to a company about an issue can help the company be aware of a problem and try to fix it, and the customer gets an immediate response back.

An awesome article from Forbes Magazine lists 7 reasons why companies should use Social Media. A few of those points are that it is convenient, it is fast, it is personal, and it brings brand awareness through transparent customer service. Hopping onto social media as a company isn’t as bad as you think. Ample opportunities can arise for businesses through social media, and the best part is that it is free. Not all of your advertising money has to go to social media. If you have questions on how much money a company should spend, there is a nifty way a company can budget how they use their money for advertisements found in Entrepreneur Magazine.

Businesses that start using Social Media can then hire more people to work on these accounts, and create more brand awareness of their company. I see all over my Instagram about a company I follow, Kor Water, bottle products and I love to see the many uses of the product. The main focus of their Instagram Account is to show where people take their Kor Bottles.

It will help expand the horizons of businesses and increase trafficking into the websites. Social Media can help make businesses thrive!


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