Up in the Air with Mama

For my Mom’s birthday I wanted to give her something that wasn’t just another trinket, or some flowers that will last for a couple days and then die out. Instead I thought about what I would have wanted for my birthday, and it was clear as day what I wanted. A memory. Life is all about experiences, emotions, feelings, and memories. So I made plans to cross something off of her bucket list. Since I could remember she has always wanted to go Hand Gliding! So I bought her for her birthday a hand gliding experience. It wasn’t until the day before Easter that both of our schedules will allow us to go, so we ventured out to Lake Okeechobee to go hand gliding at the Florida Ridge Sports Air Park.


I know what most of you are thinking, “How in the world do you hand glide if Florida is a flatland?” Well we went there and found out that you are taxied up into the air by a plane and released in the sky. It was an amazing adventure. My mother and I convinced my two aunts to come and enjoy watching my mom do this experience. We arrived in time for our appointment (surprise since the Cubanitas came with us)  and began the process of signing our life away and getting ready to go. In the process of doing it, and with a lot of convincing by the sales manager, we got my aunts to sign and go with us hand gliding. It was a fun family experience!


Cindy was the first one to go out and venture into the sky, we were most surprised that she did this. In the process of landing she accidentally broke her flip flop, but in the end had an amazing time. Next was my aunt LuLu, who was such a fun character and enjoyed every second of the flight! If you have children and would like to go on an adventure bring my aunt LuLu, because her charisma and fun personality (Henrieta) makes her so fun to be with. Then, it was time for mama to go up in the air! With her gleaming white teeth showing every second of her turn, she harnessed in and was ready to enjoy the experience to do like the eagles and soar. She had an amazing time gliding through the air. When she landed she couldn’t help but laugh the entire time. Now it was my turn to fly like Ironman, but in a kite. I loved the experience of going up in the air, controlling my direction, flying through the sky and being able to see what others normally couldn’t. Still to this day I can close my eyes and picture myself in the sky.

IMG_7936 IMG_7830 IMG_7900

If you have never gone hand gliding before, I highly recommend that you try it out! Life is short, and memories are forever, so go be adventurous and get out there, explore all that was created!


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