Freelance Darce

Darce's Photobook

After my adventure in Boston, I came to the realization that I have more talents than others may assume. So, I took a chance to become a temporary freelance photographer and writer. I started off by taking some awesome professional headshots for some clients and then moved to do some event photography and adventure photography.

I used to be a photographer for CBS Radio Orlando for most of their events (small and large) and some concerts – this was the awakening that allowed me to explore my talents in photography.

CBS Photographer

Through all my adventures, I was even able to publish my first photobook. It contained all my favorite shots with a balance of words that illuminated people into my thoughts. It was a hit! And turned out amazing!

Darce Photobook

While I was still figuring myself out, I was able to assist the wickedly talented jet sisters, Angie and Rachel, with AngieAway travel blog. I was able to code with their website, create press releases and fix up some blog posts. They were able to teach me some valuable life lessons and give me some experience I couldn’t obtain from a book. Blessed to be a part of their adventure and can’t wait to see where life takes them.


From working with them, I was able to join a freelance writing staff working on blogs for digital media marketing and healthcare equipment. Working as a freelance writer was helpful in boosting my esteem. It gave me the confidence I needed to know that in the advertising industry, I can be more than what I’m siloed into.