Arnold World Wide

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I don’t know where to begin with Arnold World Wide Boston office.

My experience at Arnold was a learning lesson about the advertising industry, and about our society in general. As I started my first step into an account role in advertising, I was able to get an understanding of the day to day responsibilities. Organizing the financial budget, timelines and meeting notes were just some of the few tasks I was assigned. I worked with the social media team, the digital team, creatives, and the production team. I kept an organizational path for all my teammates and had many opportunities communicating with our amazing client, Huntington Bank. I created competitive analyses, assisted directly with my manager and spearheaded some of my own projects.

MAIP Panel Boston

Unfortunately, I came to an understanding that Arnold wasn’t the company I wanted to get rooted with. The city of Boston wasn’t the city for me, and the team that I was placed with were young and juvenile. These were all learning lessons for me and learning my self-worth in the industry. I won multiple client pitches prior to working there and was condemned by my team for showing interest in the New Business department when they asked for assistance. I was told that I was hired to “spice up the team” when I was hired and learned that in the industry there is still a learning curve for multicultural workers.

I came from a program that strengthens and empowers young industry professionals to a work environment that asked me to leave my “cultural items” at home.

After I left Arnold, I went to go work for a project with Harvard University called Pitch Black, where we came up with unique opportunities to help the gentrification issues in Chicago. My team came in second place in the competition and had a standing ovation for our presentation.

Pitch Black Harvard

Working on this project with an exceptional team of talented multicultural women is what lead me to go back to my roots and to start working on my freelance work.