Darce, the Entertainer

Glee at UCF

I have a big personality! Huge! I come from a family of “characters.” We are always known to be the life of a party because of our charisma and our great storytelling abilities. I’ve been a part of the drama department throughout all of middle and high school. I’ve even been a part of some film projects, the glee club at UCF and a short play while I was in college. I’ve also always wanted to be a character at a theme park (It’s a given living 20 minutes away from Universal Studios and Disney World) and in 2015 I auditioned and got to be a Scareactor in Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights 25. I was a “Water Walker” from the AMC’s Walking Dead show. It was an honor to be in that role! I was then a performer in their Mardi Gras Parade in 2016, and a “torture victim” in the JIGSAW House in 2017. I was also presented with the opportunity to work again in 2018, but updates about that role will be announced in the future (mainly because I don’t know myself).

Zombie Walking DeadWalking Dead Zombie






Currently, I am an entertainer on the Diva Duck Amphibious Tours of West Palm Beach. I give tours of Palm Beach Island, West Palm Beach, and the Mansions and Yachts on the Intercostal. It’s actually pretty awesome going from land to sea in those WWII vessels. I give a comedic routine, along with a playlist that makes their experience worth coming back for.

Diva Duck Tour

Entertaining is in my blood, it’s in my bones, and it’s in whatever anatomical analogy there is out there. My personality type is ENFP (Extrovert, Intuition, Feeling and Perceiving) which is known to be the “Actor” personality.

As much as I love to be behind the camera, I love being in front of it, just as much.


Glee at UCF