How Social Media Is Changing The Fashion World As We Know It

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Our culture is completely immersed by social media. As you look around you, someone is instagramming a selfie, updating a Facebook status, scrolling down their Twitter timeline, or sending a funny snapchat to a friend. This is our way of constantly staying connected; knowing the who, what, when, where, and why of what’s happening right in front of our eyes. it would only make sense that strategic communication would use this to their advantage. It is now so much easier to measure your goals of communicating effectively with your target audience thanks to social media, especially the fashion community.

The Fashion industry isn’t all about models and designers anymore; It’s also about the stylists/bloggers, the PR professionals, and the consumers who follow them on instagram. Social media is the new form of two-way form of communication. Traditional journalism is becoming a thing of the past and Long-Tail PR is here…

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Communications Professions and Social Media: A Love Story

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     I am an Event Management and Public Relations intern for Victoria’s Secret PINK. I am a Public Relations and Community Outreach intern for the State Representative of Florida’s 59th district. I am an Event Planner and a member of the Marketing Team for the UCF Student Union. And I’m in a long distance relationship. I’d feel safe betting my first born child that the image above was manifested as a representation of my life.

     Long gone are the days of referring to social media as merely a ‘trend.’ Social media has changed the planet. Maybe even the whole solar system. Who knows?! Check Twitter. Ask Siri. Social media has made the world smaller, hypothetically speaking, but also maybe physically. Who knows? Google it. There’s even a whole website dedicated to proving it! ( It’s made the world faster. But at the forefront of the social media revolution is communication. Social media has first and foremost and…

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