Work Experience

“When you love what you do, is it really work?”

When I first entered college I had a desire to work in the TV/ Entertainment Industry, however, that wasn’t the most comforting thing for my parents to hear. So they told me to take up a business degree. I was excelling in all of my classes but didn’t think that it was where I fit in. One day a friend told me about the Advertising/ PR program at UCF, and after some research – I knew this was where I belonged.

I’ve worked on pitches and won clients over during internships, I’ve crafted Social Media plans for local businesses, and I’ve worked for a radio station producing and promoting content for clients. All of this fueled my desire to be thoroughly involved in the industry. But I never knew what I was getting into until I joined the Multicultural Advertising Internship Program. MAIP places students all over the nation to work at the top advertising companies. I learned just like a sponge – absorbing and developing skills I wasn’t even aware I had, just by being in the presence of these big names. All fueling my desire to continue on in this industry of “Culture Creators”. If you want to learn more about my experience keep reading through! If you want to chat, click here!

As a disclaimer, these are not at all any of the actual job descriptions I’ve done. But a summary of my day to day life.

Donor Relations Associate at Hispanic Unity of Florida

Entertainer at the Diva Duck Amphibious Tour and Universal Studios Orlando

Freelance Photographer/Writer

Associate Marketing Manager at Arnold Worldwide

Strategic Intern at McCann NewYork

Global Communications Marketing Intern at Visit Orlando

Resident Assistant at the University of Central Florida

Promotions Assistant/ Photographer at CBS Radio Orlando

Range Safety Officer/Salesman at Machine Gun America

Lead Intern at Evok Advertising



Glee at UCF

Darce, the Entertainer

I have a big personality! Huge! I come from a family of “characters.” We are always known to be the life of a party because of our charisma and our great storytelling abilities. I’ve been a part of the drama department throughout all of middle and high school. I’ve even been a part of some … Continue reading Darce, the Entertainer

Darce's Photobook

Freelance Darce

After my adventure in Boston, I came to the realization that I have more talents than others may assume. So, I took a chance to become a temporary freelance photographer and writer. I started off by taking some awesome professional headshots for some clients and then moved to do some event photography and adventure photography. … Continue reading Freelance Darce

Boston Commons

Arnold World Wide

AMM at AWW I don’t know where to begin with Arnold World Wide Boston office. My experience at Arnold was a learning lesson about the advertising industry, and about our society in general. As I started my first step into an account role in advertising, I was able to get an understanding of the day … Continue reading Arnold World Wide