About Me/ Blog

Hello! Welcome to my site. I first started this blog as a homework assignment, which then grew to a personal blog, then to a website (arcedarce.com) and then fizzled out. So here I am. Working on rebranding myself and keeping up with my creativity, writing and production.

Since I am starting over, I want to keep my original posts to remind me that I am always growing and learning every day.

Here, I plan on honing in on my writing skills, build my confidence in writing and experiment with some new production ideas that I have. I plan on posting once a week (we’ll see about that), and some may be super lengthy – other short blurbs. So bare with me. Please feel free to leave a comment and share my writing.

Now about me

I am a superhero NERD! First thing I say to anyone who asks, because it is a huge passion in my life (hoping to join the Marvel team sometime in my life). Based on my passion I gear everything around the idea of fantasy of me being a superhero. I go skydiving, I try to be active outdoors, try every sport (garbage at basketball), swim, play tennis, archery so on. I just recently started up boxing and would like to continue that workout. My hope one day is to become a superhero, work in production for a superhero movie and/ or write one of the many superhero ideas I have in my head. My main motivation is my personal superhero, Jesus Christ. Which because of my relationship with him I gear my beliefs, my ideas, and my worldviews. I am rooted in the belief that love comes first.

My second passion is in advertising which is my current career path. I love the idea that I can help create work that will help shape the culture. Advertising is always evolving and with that, so am I. I’ve worked with great agencies like McCann New York (General Mills), Arnold Worldwide – Boston (currently Huntington Bank), and Evōk Advertising in Orlando. I consider myself to be very diverse (not only in nationality) in the workforce. I used to be a strategist, a creative at heart and now an account man, but that’s how you have to be to survive in advertising.

So I hope you got a good understanding of who I am. And I hope to hear from you soon!


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